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How To Get Your Business On Google

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So you have a nice new website for your local business. Now what?

Now you are ready to have your business put in front of people in your geographical area who are looking online for your products and services. Congratulations.

“But how exactly do I get them to find me?” You ask. Well there are a few different ways for you to do this.

The most common of ways is to to use PPC (pay per click) advertising on Google, Yahoo and 9MSN. This is when you pay for your ad to show up in front of people who are looking for your services. Like you see on the right hand side of any Google search results. The key here is to choose the right keywords that people are searching on to show up for. The next tip is to have a great ad with compelling text and a call to action and the final piece of the puzzle is to have a relevant landing page for them to go to after they click your ad.

Another way is to get your website to show up naturally on the searches or on the left hand side of the results where it is free. This is not an easy task but can be done with some effort and persistence and more than likely will cost you a little bit but will be worth it when you get there.

The one thing that you can do straight away that won’t cost you anything and that will give you a good chance of showing up for local searches is to get your business on Google Maps. Go here to find out how

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