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Increasing Conversions On Your Website Explained Here

Why Are website conversions so important?

Ok so you have a website and you’ve figured out how to drive traffic to it so next thing you need to do is look at increasing your website conversion rate. You need to know about website conversion because it can easily double and triple your sales.

So, what exactly is website conversion you may be asking?

Well a website conversion is basically when you have someone by whatever means find their way to your website and take the action that you wanted them to take. It might be that your website is for your local business and the action you want someone to take when they get to your website is to simply pick up the phone and make a call. You might want them to fill out a form or leave their name and email address and get on your prospect list. Whatever the main action for your website is, when it is accomplished, this is a website conversion.

Understanding this one simple website conversion concept is super powerful

Let me explain why. If say for example 100 people a day go to your website and only 2 of those people take the desired action you want them to take, then your website conversion rate is 2%. It could have cost you $100 worth of advertising that day to get 100 people to your site and if tomorrow you do nothing exept spend more money on getting people to your site, your website conversion rate will still be around 2%.

Now here’s the magic. let’s say for example you changed the headline on your website’s landing page or maybe you put a strong call to action on the page. Now if the next time we test the rate at which your page is converting visitors on your website to the action you want them to take and say 5 people out of 100 take that action, then you have more than doubled the website conversions without spending any extra money just by tweaking something on your website. Isn’t that amazing?

I guess the question you’re asking now is “what else can I do to to increase my website conversions?” Well I have been very thoughtful and allowed you more tips about website conversion in my free report. You can get your free website conversion report by clicking here.

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